AchiteXture – Paris Editorial by Gayanee Pierre

18 avril 2020

Art Direction by Gayanée Pierre & Photography by Christophe Serrano
Parisian sculptural architecture embracing all the curves and textures. Just few days before social distancing …

Editorial organized by the Stylist Gayanée Pierre ( and her team.

In collaboration with the agency Manequin City-Models Paris and the model Mathilda B. – Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist Sooyeon Kim

Photographer: Christophe Serrano

  • Beige Set N°1 Trouser Suit: Cheyma – Bag: Cheyma – BO: Clea Atelier – Shoes: Carel – Hat: Kiriko Sato – Vintage Glasses: Such a crush
  • White Set N°2: Silk Satin Dress: Cheyma – Velvet Jacket: Cheyma – glasses Gregory Assad- Borrines Carel
  • Gregogry Assad Yellow Dress Set – BO Unique Fresh by Reflective Material – Carel Shoes

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